You and Your Job Title - Does Your Job Title Really Matter?

Many clients come to me wondering what to do next in their career. They feel stuck, wanting a change but are not sure what. One big frustration most of them have in common is not knowing what job titles to look for when searching job opportunities. Nothing seems a good fit and it leaves them feeling more frustrated and overwhelmed about their next career step. So I decided to focus my thoughts and do some research into job titles, their meaning and the impact they have on us. This post is the first in a series exploring and finding practical ideas to get clarity around how to define your next job.

Why is it so difficult to write our own CV?

As I’m preparing to run a CV Clinic at the Evesham Job Fair, I’m asking myself why it is so difficult to write my own CV when I’m so often successfully helping others writing theirs. I hear this all the time from people I help, that they would rather write someone else’s CV than their own. I think this is down to a mixture of not wanting to be seen as bragging as well as the fact that we take what we do as normal, nothing special, something we think everyone can do. But that’s not really the case. In my Confident in Work courses I always say that we all have a unique employability DNA. No one else has the exact same skills, abilities, qualities and experience that you have. So the CV is there to help you package that unique DNA and give potential employers a flavour of how, with that DNA, you could contribute to their business. So think about what you have done in the past; what skills have you used in order to complete those job tasks, what aspects have you really enjoyed, what do you do that might not be in your job description but it comes natural to you? These are the kind of things you want to put down in a CV (if it’s relevant for the job you are applying for!).

And when it comes to bragging – your CV is a marketing tool and so you want to use it as such. If you think you are being too boastful ask a friend or a colleague to read through it and see if they think you sound arrogant. Likelihood is they won’t and that they will think the CV is great. Maybe they can even add some things you either forgot about or didn’t think important. Another way of looking at it is if you don’t let employers out there know about you, they will be missing out on a great employee. So get out there and let the world now about you and all your fantastic skills and experience you have to give!

What do you find difficult when writing your CV? How easy is it to write about your “employability DNA”? I’d love to hear what you think.

New Launch

I’m so excited to launch my new website!

Having been a life strategist and coach full time for more than 3 years now I thought it was time to have one. I worked with the fantastic and talented branding designer Nancy Poller who created a lovely brand for my business. When we first started working together Nancy asked me how I wanted my business to be portrayed. The first words that came into my head were all those that could be summed up into ‘welcoming, supportive and inspiring’. Feedback from my clients often say that they have felt very comfortable in opening up and share their thoughts and feelings with me and that is so important to me. When you work with me I want you to feel supported and listened to, non-judgmentally. I also want to share; my knowledge, my experience and my resources to make sure that you are getting the most out of your coaching. Importantly I also think it should be fun, in an appropriate, professional way.

So, I hope these things are coming through from my website and that it will inspire and motivate you.